Classy group is an indigenous company that is rapidly expanding its footprint and specializes in the Importation of modern...
1. Building Materials and household/office Equipment
2. Real Estate
3. Interior and Exterior Decoration
4. Beauty Studio
5. Business Consultation
6. Training and Certification
7. Skill Acquisition
8. Event Planning, and other exclusive future products and services.

The Company has been in existence since 2010 although it was consummated officially in 2012 under Nigeria law.
At inception, it was named Classy roofs and logistics limited. In 2018, the company was renamed Classy Roofing and Water Collectors and in 2019, Classy Group was incorporated for the purpose of diversifying and expanding the company’s business model.

The company’s business model, developed by bright minds, started as a business with zero capital basically involved in roofing contract work.
Since its inception, the Group has experienced phenomenal growth on account of the quality of its goods and services and the efficiency of its human capital, such that exceed our client’s expectations.

Our company has a proven track record of average growth of 35% in revenue in its three (3) years of audited accounts.
The Company has neither been involved in litigation nor has any criminal record. Today, Classy Group is a multimillion-Naira venture poised to reach new heights in each of our endeavors.

Our satisfied clients include hotels, government, schools, serviced apartments, corporate organizations, and high net-worth individuals, all of whom have come to rely on our products and project execution.
As a company, we are proud that our clients return repeatedly with new projects.


The group consists of four subsidiaries which include:

Classy Roofing and Water Collectors

Classy Roofing and water collectors is a subsidiary of classy group that deal with installation, repairs and maintenance of roofs and gutters. Roofs and gutters are two building elements that contribute to the overall beauty and functionality of a house, hence the need to ensure the use of quality products and professional installers is paramount.

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Installation
  • Roof Repair
  • Gutter Installation
  • Roof Inspection
  • Our products:
  • a. Steptile Roofing Sheets
  • b. Shingles
  • c. Bonds
  • d. Classic
  • e. Roman
  • f. Gutters and accessories
  • g. Roofing nails.

Classy Lifestyle

Classy Lifestyle is a subsidiary company of Classy group, which specializes on providing our clients with interior decoration, classic and leisure designs, real estate management, investment, event planning, capacity and business development. We work in close partnership with our clients, focusing on their needs and style preferences.

  • Design, supply, and installation of specialized windows specialized curtains, and blinds
  • Importation of customized furniture which includes upholstery.
  • Sourcing of interior decoration and finishing
  • Interior design consultancy including
  • a. Architects
  • b. Builders
  • c. Furniture Manufacturers
  • General Real Estate Consultancy Services including advice on Land use
  • Sale/Purchase/Lease and management of all properties for and on behalf of clients.
  • Lease of conference rooms for meetings.
  • Feasibility/Viability of business ventures.
  • Training and certification
  • Skill acquisition and certification.
  • Investment platform.